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WTS 320 Raquin Classic gyuto

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I used to work in a Mexican restaurant
Jan 1, 2018
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I got this from @tgfencer . He used it and I think sharpened a couple of times. I haven’t sharpened it since I’ve had it. I have stropped it. This is very nimble at 7.4 oz. I really like it, but I need cash and have decided to go full cleaver. I’m selling all my gyutos. If you have board space you can use it as a daily driver, very nimble. It has a rough spot on the cladding that protrudes. It has always been there. I took a picture tge best I could. It didn’t bother me in use, not a big deal imho. It didn’t have a cover I’m throwing in a bag I had from Mert. $825 CONUS. Preference will be given to someone that pairs it with my Mert integral that I have for sale. It is 145sc


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I like how you described the 330 as nimble. Really cool looking knife.
Yeah, the reason I describe it that way. Is because usually I would imagine a 330 mm gyuto as pretty heavy, especially if it’s a workhorse style and the balance to be quite forward and maybe something you just don’t feel like busting out all the time. But this one balances just a little in front of my pinch grip and weighs at 7.4 oz. It is very thin in the front end and slippery through product. The tip is very fine and can easily handle detail work. Todd who sold it to me also described it as nimble and honestly I myself also wondered how that will suit a 320 mm gyuto. I would be surprised if the new owner doesn’t also find it nimble, but of course everyone has their own opinion. For example, one of the heavier 240 or 270 Mazakis with the light handles probably feel less nimble than this one with the way they are balanced. Of course, this is all subject to opinion. Also the newer Maz are more nimble imo. Just picking Mazaki as one example, because so many people have used them.