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SOLD 330mm Masamoto yanagiba - Old - $150

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Nov 27, 2021
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Up for sale today is this 330mm Masamoto yanagiba. I got this because I was looking for a long yanagiba but didn't really jive with this one, selling because I have my eye on something else.

Actual length is something like 335mm, it was longer but I ground off a mm or two because it was extremely pointy, so I made it a little more yanagiba shaped.
I weighed it at 284g
I believe the steel is White #2 but I'm not 100% sure, the listing I bought it from didn't tell me much.
Slight pitting on blade face and some pitting on ura, but the ura is good and deep, not too common for a knife used this much out of Japan.
Some of the pitting on the blade face went though to the edge, I didn't want to grind it all down because the knife is a bit short on height already and I wasn't sure how much pitting actually went through. It didn't seem to cause me any real issues but I wanted to mention it.
Blade is good and straight, except for a slight bend at the tip I couldn't get out. Doesn't pose any issue in use or sharpening.
Overgrind at the heel where I think someone over-sharpened it while it was bent.

Asking $150 shipped CONUS