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Oct 31, 2023
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I have an Adonis MK1 up on BST. It’s garnered some interest but no takers as of yet. It’s a nice knife, so I thought I’d see if folks would be interested in a passaround before getting out my vacuum and going door-to-door. Would be interested in hearing others’ thoughts on Antoine’s work.

To keep this cost-effective, this passaround would be CONUS only, apologies to the international folks. First 8 or so members who reply here will be added to the list. Your account should be over 6 months old and/or have documented BST transaction history. Please only sharpen if you know your way around whetstones. The knife is valued at $660. Participants will be responsible for any damage or loss. Take a before and after photo to help identify any damage. Plan to spend no more than a week with it before moving it on.

In short, I guess please be a competent knife user and not someone who bashes knives on titanium cutting boards or marble countertops?

If this tickles your fancy, respond with an “in” and your location.