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akifusa, hiromoto for sale

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Feb 28, 2011
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I have an Akifusa 240mm PM steel gyuto for sale. I also have a Hiromoto Aogami Super steel gyuto in 240mm. Both have been used lightly at home. I am asking $170 for the Akifusa and $130 for the Hiromoto. I will include USPS Priority shipping (US and Canada) in the purchase price. I will accept payment through PayPal. Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks for looking!
I've been on the fence about posting this for months! It's hard to let them go.
damn day late dollar short. enjoy the akifusa, great knife...
Any chance that you have a photo or two of the hiromoto?
Tis. Though I trust pretty much everyone on these forums, not one negative experience in years old KF included, I still have a hard time buying things sight unseen. =)