Aloha from Hawaii.

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Mar 27, 2022
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The Garden Island
Aloha kakou from Kauai.
My name is Michael, but I think more people know me as wabi. I'm older, semi retired, and have lived in Hawaii for many years now. I'm a physician, and have practiced here on Kauai for 33 years, and am now in the process of slowing down in life. I've been a knife collector since childhood, and a hobbiest chef since my father taught me to cook as a kid. At the dawn of internet forums, I started out on BladeForums, but left there to join the Usual Suspect Network at it's beginning, where I am still an active member. A good number of my friends are knife collectors and knife makers, but none of them really specializes in kitchen knives. My interest in kitchen knives comes from a practical standpoint...they are the knives that most of us use the most in our lives. The knives I use daily run the gambit of brands and makers, but my most used knives are Takedas, Murray Carter, Cut Brooklyn, Meglio, a few by Kyohei Shindo, with some Dao Vua, Tojiro's, few Kiwi's, and kitchen knives made by knife maker friends to round out the every day use knives. My cooking interests are global, with a decided lean towards asian cuisines. Here in Hawaii I regularly shoot and use our abundant feral pigs, and fish whenever I can. I raise some beef with my nephew as well. My year isnt complete without a trip to Sitka, Alaska fishing for salmon, halibut and black cod to stock the freezer for the year. My wife and I garden and raise chickens for eggs. For sharpening I have used the Edge Pro Apex and the Wicked Edge systems, but recently purchased some Naniwa stones to free hand sharpen my Japanese knives. I like to carry and use good knives in my every day life, and that has carried over into the kitchen. A good carpenter doesn't blame his tools, but using good tools sure makes working a much nicer experience. I'm hopelessly left handed, so I dont care for right hand chisel Japanese knives, I always keep my eye out for nice dual ground blades. I came here to read, to learn, and expand my knowledge of kitchen knives, and their sharpening. I look forward to reading your posts, and absorbing what knowledge you all can share with me.
Welcome, Dr. Wabi! One of the memorable experiences in my life was hiking the Kalalau trail and camping in the valley for several days as the county permit allowed. Unfortunately, that was too many years ago, but the memory remains. The very kind and generous elderly couple (the Okadas) who ran the general store in Waimea at that time also let us stay in their rustic cabin at the top of the canyon for a week -- woke up to the sounds of the wild chickens in the woods each morning. The views of the valley from Koke'e are what prompted us to arrange the trip into the valley -- we enjoyed fresh shrimp from the streams, the fragrant white ginger, fresh papayas from the trees -- it was paradise on earth. Thanks for allowing me to re-experience it just now!

Now, back on topic, sounds like you have a nice collection of kitchen knives, and that you put them to good use. Again, welcome!