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Mar 1, 2011
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I thought it would be nice to start a thread of YouTube videos that show interesting or otherwise cool knife moments. I'll leave forumite videos to members who want to post their own stuff, but if you find any cool knife vids and want to post them, let's do it here!

First up are a couple of sashimi videos. Nothing spectacular, I just like how elegant and smooth the work is:




Next is... well, I don't know what it is, but it is awesome...:


And finally, the one and only way to debone a whole chicken, from the master himself:


Anyone want to add more?

P.S. I'm not going to add these videos, but for anyone that hasn't, you have to check out itasan18's channel. That will kill your time for a day or two.
I agree. So, anyone out there know exactly what the chef is doing on the third video? Is he making full length horizontal cuts with the yanagi? I can't tell, but it's nuts.
it seems that way... just crazy

On so many levels.... he's not even looking at it. I'd be serving raw fillet-of-finger if I tried that! On another note, when he's making the chopping motion to finish the cutting he shows an extreme/supreme example of what you talked about in your latest video of holding the knife loosely with his right hand.

I could watch that video all day...
I like the roll and peel technique. I doesn't even look like he's cutting all the way through on the horizontal cuts.
That's why I asked about it, it's strange looking. But it looks to me like he's cutting through, then at the end he raises his fingers and pushes the top layers over, in preparation for his next cut. So I think he must be cutting all the way through...
Yeah that sushi guy is crazy! I could have used speed like that at the sushi bar. We'd never have to prep cucumbers in advance!

That Jacques Pepin video is awesome.
I agree we don't need to link every single ittasan video, but this one stands out for me, probably because he usually focused on fish. Gives me a new appreciation for the petty:


The next two are some unorthodox technique videos that I just think are cool. First is 'fake katsuramuki' (starts around 3:15), and the second is how to dice an onion without a cutting board (I remember seeing a better/more skillful version somewhere, but can't find it)



And finally, even though there's not much knife technique, you can watch the whole series of Jacques' More Fast Food My Way on youtube: