Are Miami Dolfins for Real?

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Nothing can say about that SB. First half SF defence looked good. Offense left two drives in deep territory score could have been higher. What the hell just came up short in OT. You can contain Mahommes much of the game, but give him many chances he will beat you. Bummer :mad:
As a biased observer, I felt like the Chiefs O-line got away with a ton of holding. Like 10-12 plays where it was pretty obvious and not called. The success of the two minute drill in football is easily my least favorite part of the game (even more than Romo as an announcer). I get that it makes games "exciting," but I feel that it devalues the rest of the game far too much.

When the Chiefs stopped the 49ers on 3rd down with 2:00 left, I almost turned the game off. It was over and the script was written. Mahomes gets the ball back and leads the Chiefs to victory. It happened in OT vs. regular time, but it was the result most people expected and close to the 27-24 score line that many predicted.

Outcomes like this make me think about folding up a tin foil hat.



Picture it. Your ex and your nemesis; in YOUR bed. The bed you made, and have to change after. You have to put his picture on one end of the room, and her pic on the other. While they wrestle around on your sheets.

I ain’t watchin’.
I saw maybe four game minutes, just due to having to be in the same room.

Always and forever, FtC, Donkeys suck, who cares about the chargers, and RN4L.