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WTS (AU) Jnats to fund Knifemaking equipment (Nakato, Ohira Karasu, Nakayama Koppa, Maruoyama Ao Suita)

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Dec 3, 2020
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Hi all :)

Within the last few months I've started to put together a little workshop for me to begin knifemaking. To fund the last few pieces of equipment I'd like to purchase, I'm putting some natural stones up for sale that I have. I do have some other stones, so if you're looking for anything in particular feel free to ask and I might have something else to suit your needs :)

Each stone has it's own polish video, and any relevant photos (stamps, marks etc). I'll include a short description here but happy to provide more details and more polish photos if required, please enquire if needed.

2024-01-15 13.55.47.jpg

Nakato #1 (sold as Iyo, but not sure on that). $70 USD/$105 AUD
Dimensions: 170 x 70 x 50mm
Weight: 1350g

A 2-tone nakato that was sold to me as an Iyo, but it doesn't seem like one compared to others I've tried. This polish is on a wrought/nickel clad damascus knife by Radiona Breg - it was first taken to a 3k synthetic finish and then finished on this nakato. This stone is a touch harder than the soft binsui listed below but still leaves a lovely kasumi finish with fairly shallow scratches that will be easy to blend out with a finer natural. The 2-tone colour really pops when it's wet. There is a line in 1 corner, however it doesn't leave any scratches and is easy to avoid because it's deep in a corner. I found it works best when conditioned with an Atoma 140 plate before use, with no slurry for the finest finish. It can be used with slurry, however it loses a bit of depth to the polish in exchange for higher abrasion power and a slightly scratchier finish.

2024-01-15 13.55.58.jpg

Nakato #2 (sold as Iyo, but suspect it's a soft binsui) $100 USD/$150 AUD
Dimensions: 190 x 72 x 48mm
Weight: 1460g
2024-01-15 13.56.00.jpg

Another stone that was sold to me as an Iyo, however it performs and feels much more like a soft binsui. It cuts extremely well, and quicks up it's own slurry very fast after being lapped. It has a very creamy feeling, and is a great transition stone between synthetic and finer natural stones. Because it is a little softer, it works great as a stone for blending out scratches from synthetic stones and is very user-friendly due to being self=slurrying. The finish is a little more uniform than Nakato #1.

Nakato #3 (sold as Iyo, seems like an Iyo) $125USD/$185AUD
Dimensions: 210 x 70 x 61mm
2024-01-15 13.56.02.jpg

Easily the hardest and finest of all 3 nakato listed here. After a quick lap, it leaves a very, very dark slurry and has a finer finish with more shallow scratches than the other 2 listed here, although the scratch pattern is still visible. This stone needs to have it's slurry washed off after lapping, otherwise the finish is scratchy due to particles that come out while lapping, however if the surface is used clean, it rewards you with a beautiful dark slurry that leaves a fine finish, almost as fine as a mikawa nagura. Because it is fairly hard, it does a very good job at exposing low spots or unblended facets on your bevel before moving to a higher polish.
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Ao Suita Tenkasumi $300USD/ $450AUD
Dimensions: 183 x 69 x 42mm
2024-01-15 13.55.52.jpg

2024-01-15 13.55.54.jpg

2024-01-15 13.55.56.jpg

Lovely example of a smaller ao suita tenkasumi. Although the surface feels firm in use, after a pass or so it creates it's very slurry and becomes very easy to use, extremely smooth and easy to get an even finish with. It leaves a bit more of a matte and uniform kasumi finish that you can see in the video, with plenty of contrast between the core and clad. This would be a great stone to follow up on Nakato #1 or #2. It leaves extremely shallow scratches that are easy to get out with a following finer finisher.

Nakayama Iromono $200 USD / $300 AUD
Dimensions: 140 x 76 x 25mm
Weight:830g (including wooden base)
2024-01-15 13.56.11.jpg

2024-01-15 13.56.13.jpg

A small nakayama koppa that has now been replaced by a larger older brother. It leaves a very typical nakayama finish, with a reflective, dark cladding and an bright core. This one is not as hard as other nakayama I've tried, but still requires a good foundation to get an even finish with. It cuts fairly fast, with a inky black slurry. Although there is a line through the centre, I haven't found it to spit out any scratchy bits and it has been mounted to avoid any issues with splitting in the future.

Ohira Aisa Karasu $700USD/1400 AUD
Dimensions: 196 x 72 x 31mm
2024-01-15 13.56.04.jpg
2024-01-15 13.56.06.jpg

This Aisa Karasu is an extremely pretty, beginner-friendly softer finisher that is very forgiving and gives a very uniform matte kasumi, similar to the tenkasumi but with a finer scratch pattern, and a surface that feels a bit more friable in use. There's not much more to say, it kind of feels like cheating because it's so easy to use and gives a lovely finish in exchange.
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Happy to pay for domestic shipping anywhere in Australia, for overseas shipping please get in contact for a quote - also happy to pay for a % of it depending on what is being purchased, thanks all!