Belgian Blue Whetstone

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As I understand it mosonit/harboard/pressboard/eco-whateverthehellthisboard is all the same material made by steaming woodfibers and pressing them in in big ironing set up. Which I recently learned doesn't have any glues, which makes for a great material to laser cut as no toxic gasses are produced (check the sds).
This stuff will 10/10 disentigrates if exposed to rain. I can't imagine anyone using it for siding, but maybe I am confused on the name/product.

Hey now, don't look to closely at this one and you WON'T notice that the bandsaw cut to seperat the lid is off by 3 degrees :p
Have you posted any pictures of your work on the forum? I am still learning my way around here and am wonderning where sillyness like this should go.
Yeah, I think mine are either in the coticule or show us your box section. I think almost anywhere is fine as long as it related to the topic.
As a firm beliver in rocks in boxes, I made a box for my blue rocks. I figure some folks might enjoy it.
Laser cutter + masonite + ai generated filigree+oil based polyurthane.

I don't think I would have ever tought to try what is now my favorite finishing stone if it was not for this wonderful thread. Thanks!
That's absolutely fantastic. I think you've found a side-hustle calling!