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SOLD Bidinger, Black Lotus, Milan, Tsourkan (Dropss x 4)

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Bico Doce

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Mar 30, 2020
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Hey KKF,

This is for all of the cry babies who hate my bundles. Just kidding but I thought I'd keep it straight forward and offer some knives I need to move in order to balance the books after picking up a Rader.

All pricing listed below is shipped/insured in CONUS (international DM please but certainly welcome). Paypal G&S is cool but other payment methods accepted (DM for details).

Bidinger Chefs Knife B Grind, 230 x 59 mm, 195 grams, AEBL - $875 (Sold)
I convinced Dan to sell me this along with a gyuto version so I could try the different profiles. I ended up preferring the gyuto but this is an amazing knife

Black Lotus Gyuto, 212 x 57 mm, 192 grams, 1.2519/wrought iron folded with 15n20 - $875 $850 $800 $750
Grabbed this from the last newsletter drop. Super nice but just not long enough for my taste.

Milan K Tip S Grind Laser, 230 x 59 mm, 171 grams, 135cr3/soft steel - $725 $700 $650 (Sold)
Picked this up from Milan in September. The best S grinds Ive tried to date but Im off of lasers these days and prefer a bit more weight.

Tsourkan Suji, 280 x 40 mm, 213 grams, 52100 - $750 $700 (withdrawn)
Got this directly from Marko early this year. I love this knife but I just never reach for a suji at home. I'd rather have this go to someone who will put it to good use


Description: Bidinger Chefs knife
Size: 230 x 59 mm
Weight: 195 grams
Steel: AEBL
Finish: Polished
Handle: Blue micarta
Geometry: Symmetric B grind
Condition: Like new

Description: Black Lotus Gyuto
Size: 212 x 57 mm
Weight: 192 grams
Steel: 1.2519/wrought iron folded with 15n20
Finish: Polished/etched
Handle: Spalted Tamarind, Arizona Desert Ironwood & Carbon fibre
Geometry: Midweight, convex
Condition: Like new
Link: Wrought Iron 212x57mm Gyuto — Black Lotus Knives

Description: Milan K Tip
Size: 230 x 59 mm
Weight: 171 grams
Steel: 135cr3/soft steel
Finish: Ku/stone finished bevel kasumi
Handle: Walnut burl + ebony, octagonal
Geometry: S Grind, thin convex
Condition: Never sharpened, some patina has developed
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Description: Tsourkan Suji (withdrawn)
Size: 280 x 40 mm
Weight: 213 grams
Steel: 52100
Finish: Polished
Handle: Wa, ziricote, D shape (righty)
Geometry: Medium workhorse, slimmer tip (sharper point)
Condition: Very minor patina. Never sharpened or stropped
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Here’s the Bidinger packaged up for its trip. I’m vacuum sealing every knife after it’s been oiled and fitted with a rubber edge guard. Shipped in a padded case.

These high end knives definitely deserve it.

Tsourkan is withdrawn. I thought I could part with it but I’m already feeling that sellers remorse.


Milan - $675
BL - $825
I’ll throw in this Awatanii Koppa (paid $250 for it) if someone picks up the remaining 2 knives.

Great for polishing and could be used with the Milan which has stone finished bevels.

Size: 18 x 6 x 2.5 cm
Weight: 557 grams