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WTS Big gyutos: Shigehiro, Kemadi bulat, Nigara

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Mar 10, 2020
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Boston suburbs
I have too many gyutos and not enough watches or tattoos, so it's time to sell a few that just didn't click for me. PP G&S accepted; all prices US Priority shipping or $20 credit towards international; happy to discuss discounts for multiples or local sale (Boston area). Not really looking for any knife trades right now, but if you have any interesting 40mm+ watches I'd entertain offers :)

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions! Offers by PM only, please.

Shigehiro: USD 350SPF
Picked this one up a couple of years ago from another member, who got it from Carbon. Neither of us ever used it much. Lovely brushed finish and a real performer, with a fairly heavy grind but nice and thin behind the edge. I think I'd use this a lot if it was taller, but as is I just don't reach for it and it deserves to be used.

Steel: Shirogami/White #2 with iron cladding
Heel-to-tip length: 260mm
Heel height: 51mm
Thickness: 4.0mm @heel, 0.7mm @1cm behind tip
Weight: 253gm


Nigara honyaki: USD 800 SPF
A big laser-y honyaki from a forge that doesn't get a ton of attention around here. Doesn't currently show much hamon, though I think it would pop out nicely with patina or etching. Thinner than you'd think from the weight, though the current polish is a little sticky. Handle is by Isaiah Shroeder--not sure of the wood. Ships in the original box. Currently shows some splotchy patina from use, but it should all Flitz off just fine.

Don't see a lot of these around, so I'm not really sure how to price it. $800 is a substantial discount from what I paid--let's see if we can turn it into a watch :)

Steel: Aogami/Blue #2
Heel-to-tip length: 279mm
Heel height: 57mm
Weight: 242gm
Thickness: 3.1mm @heel, 0.7mm @1cm behind tip


Kemadi bulat: USD 450
This one is a big boy--hefty, blade-forward, and super assertive. Like other Kemadi bulat knives, it has a ton of banding in the ground faces, which has been brought out with aggressive etching that has left it a little sticky in food--a quick scrub with sandpaper would probably help. Long flat spot with a low nose, so great for slicing and chopping, but less suited for rocking. Ships in a felt "cozy saya".

Steel: bulat
Heel-to-tip length: 270mm
Height at heel: 58mm
Weight: 274gm
Thickness: 3.8mm @heel, 0.8mm @1cm behind tip

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Ooooh baby. These are all gorgeous. Interesting that you said that about the Bulat, that’s one of the reasons I was afraid to etch mine. That’s a really good looking example of that knife…
Also, I agree, Nigara doesn’t get much shine here on KKF. Absolutely fantastic knives.
if I didn’t already have the 250 bulat I would definitely buy yours! GLWS
That Shigehiro looks sooooo nice. If I didn't already have too many big gyutos I'd snap that up. When I was in CO a few years ago visiting family I stopped by the shop and got to handle one and was super, super impressed across the board - probably my favorite gyuto I've seen out of Sakai
I’ve shifted everything I have to stainless. However, I often regret not keeping an Ikeda around and just the other day I was thinking it would be nice to have something in W#2 that is iron clad. You saved my day. I’ll take the Shigehiro off your hands.