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Still Plays With Blocks
Feb 28, 2011
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In the photo, does anyone see anything different? Other than maybe being a little less cluttered maybe.

A big friggin' pipe that's either a vent or AC? I don't even know, it's just that the metal is shiny and in a space that likely has that much dust, I figure metal won't remain that shiny for long :)
That is a big freaking space! Very nice. I have never seen a pic of your shop before so I can't comment on anything different, but wow! :thumbsup:
Last winter I spent over $2000 for propane which only went up the stack and only kept the shop about 55 to 60 degrees all winter. I don't like staying cold so I bit the bullet and had a HVAC system installed. So now I will have extra heat in the winter and cool in the summer. I hated to part with the money but the memories of the cold last winter still linger.

The dust work starts out at 16", then 14" then 12" then 10" with plenty of registers to push the air out.

Next will be the updated dust collection. I'm tired of seeing the new cyclone lay on the shop floor.
I think David is being a bit modest here too. He didn't mention that he built that whole wall you see at the end. When I visited the shop things were much different. Congratulations David! May you and your doggy be cool this summer and warmer in the winter.