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SOLD **BIG Price Drop 12/10** Kagekiyo 240mm Damascus Blue 1 Gyuto

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May 17, 2023
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Los Angeles
Up for sale is a Kagekiyo 240mm Damascus Blue 1 Gyuto, with a beautiful Rosewood handle from Sugi Cutlery

I am the second owner on this blade. When I recieved it, the tip was slightly blunted, and there was a bit of a bend partway down the blade. I took it over to Jon at Japanese Knife Imports to have it professionally repaired, and now it's in perfect shape. There is still some laquer or something on one side of the blade near the heel, but I don't want to attack it with anything too aggressive. I've included a close up photo of that area, so you can see what i'm talking about.

I've used it to prep one meal at home, and it cuts absolutely beautifully. The only reason I'm moving it along is because I still prefer my TxK in a side by side comparison (although they are incredibly close performance-wise), and they're simply too redundant to keep both.

Quick note: The knife weighed 172g before the repairs as well, so they removed very little metal during the repairs.

Length: 228mm
Height: 49mm
Weight: 172g

Putting a value on this one is somewhat difficult. It definitely has a less than stellar carfax report, but the repairs were done by some of the very best in the biz, and the custom handle is gorgeous. I'm gonna ask $550 $525 $475 shipped and insured CONUS. For international, I'll chip in $25.
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