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Carter 6.7sun Funayuki

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Mar 17, 2011
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Selling my stainless clad,white steel, 6.7sun/205mm Fukugozai Funayuki.This one is extra wide 55mm at the heel. The knife has seen very little use thats why I am selling. asking $220.00 delivered in con US
Thanks for looking, Mike :jawdrop:

I can add more pics if needed the picture with the Takeda is for blade height reference


I bet it would sell if you threw one of your handles on it!
Hey Lefty,
I thought about that too, but I am just a novice handle maker and have no idea how it would hold up if a pro were to buy the knife.
Rick ya dont like plastic ferrules and what is that... balsa wood?
Rick ya dont like plastic ferrules and what is that... balsa wood?

I'm not quite sure, but my best guess is poplar. It's a real shame that such great blades come with such poor handles.

You might try offering the knife with a choice of a one of your handles that are the right size for the funayuki and see if that gets any action.