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Fujiwara FKM is also good, it's what I have and a bit tougher steel than the DP.
I think I paid around $45 for mine, way back when. It's one of the toughest knives I can name, and a chicken breaking machine.
Since I have nearly the same question I though it does not mask sense to start a new thread. I am planning on a honesuki - either a asymmetric and (semi)stainless with western handle for up to $200.

Question I have is - should I just get the Tojiro DP or Fujiwara FKM, or would it be worth it to go with something like:
- MAC bon-60
- JCK Kagayaki Basic
- JCK Kagayaki CarboNext
- Misono Molybdenum
- Masamoto AT
- Yoshihiro INOX
- Sugimoto CM or HM

or even:
- Masamoto VG
- Misono 440
- Misono UX10
- Konosuke HD or HH
- Al Mar 5"

In general I would prefer slightly shorter blade (135-140) - but there are nearly none of these out there.

thank you
Second the Fujiwara FKM, it's rock solid and nice F&F. Have ran through stacks and stacks of birds and etc... with mine over the years.
i dont think there is a better value out there then the tojiro dp.
I agree with getting the Fujiwara FKM personally love mine and for $65 can't go wrong.
I am down to FKM, DP, CarboNext and Kanetsugu Pro M (the handle looks comfy).

It was a long day - I need to sleep on this :)