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Oct 21, 2022
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My grandfather was an antique dealer who specialised in Japanese bronzes, Nestuke, Katana and a vast selection of what were to me at the time extremely expensive toys that I could not touch. Sadly I had little interest as a child sitting bored at various events around the country.
Through lockdown like many of us I became a Michelin Star cook overnight! Over the next couple of years I enjoyed cooking with fire but my 1 knife was making life hard. I attended a free BBQ event locally where I noticed the Chefs Tog knife roll and was fascinated with the Nakiri shape and second use as a "scoop' to take the ingredients from the board.
I returned and ordered a Kasumi Kuro Honesuki before plunging into the Tog world. My knife arrived and this is where the circle of life comes in. From the time spent around my grandfather 30 years ago I just knew I wasn't holding what I should be. I honestly don't know how else to describe the feeling. I immediately fell down the rabbit hole. I made the conscious decision from there on to go with my gut and feeling in this phenomenal world.
I have built up a small set of artisan knives and now feel ready to enter the scary world of Forums :).
I joined two facebook groups and posted some to get a reaction on my decisions, I suppose as a confidence boost on my research or an oh dear moment.
I use all my knives and have chosen various steels, shapes, blacksmiths and handles. I have spent way too many hours deep diving on the internet. I'm looking forward to being able to continue my education here hopefully with enough knowledge to have gained some respect from the rest of the members.
Thank you for accepting me!
P.S. I'm a home cook not a not even close to a chef.