Cracked Zwilling synthetic on glass

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Aug 23, 2014
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Recently I sharpened and finished with a 10000 grit Zwilling synthetic using a wooden bridge to hold the stone. I used a moderate amount of pressure and felt some odd vibration as I sharpened and when I examined the stone I saw a bunch of cracks. So far as I know they weren’t there before; I did not drop or otherwise abuse the stone except possibly through incompetent sharpening technique. Is this a common occurrence? The stone feels smooth, particularly after flattening it on a diamond flattening stone, so I am wondering whether its safe to continue using it.


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This is a long shot but. Rumor has it that is a stone made by Naniwa and is more or less the same formulation as the Choseras / Pro. If this is true, they could have similar issues, i.e. prone to cracking and problems if left in water too long.

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