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SOLD Cruzeiro Facas 205

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Jun 8, 2021
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Shreveport LA
This is one from a relatively unknown Brazilian maker. This was my first purchase when exploring the Brazilian knife scene. It’s a really well made knife, but the size and/or profile just doesn’t jive with me. I used it once, never messed with the edge. It’s 52100 steel, 205 x 55m. Handle is burnt cherry wood with a black G10 spacer at the base. Comes with a sheath the maker made. I paid just over $200, but since he’s such an unknown maker I’ll be asking for $150 all in, shipped US. Thanks for looking!
Damn that’s fast, I got knives from 4 continents now just lack one from South America and Africa. BTW if anyones making knives out of Antarctica let me know.