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Feb 28, 2011
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Filleting daurade while still keeping it whole.

Brilliant! Thank you for posting that.
cool idea! Why do you use a different knife to cut the lemon?

cross contamination. Sanitary purposes. Although techinically, he could have used the same knife since the lemons were going inside of the fish, but hey, gotta live by the code. :p
Actually, it was just to show a different knife in the vid... :D
shoulda used Darude as the soundtrack to this Daurade video
I shoulda used a different knife for each slice. :viking:
Yup, Tojiro stainless break apart shears. Awesome.
ya, ive been thinking of getting a pair.

have you sharpened them??

do they hurt that part on your thumb like wusthofs?? (im sure you know the spot)
I haven't needed to sharpen them yet. And I've never sharpened a pair of shears before. Maybe when they need it I'll just send em to Dave.
The trick to sharpening them is to use the bevel angle on the edge as a guide and do not touch the sides. Magnification helps a lot!

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