Demeyere Teppanyaki/Plancha Griddle

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Thank you so much for posting this, I saw it by chance and the offer is fantastic, I just took the opportunity and ordered one
Just to update this thread, I finally unpacked mine this morning. The only imperfection I could see is on the underside next to one of the handle fasteners. It looks like a screw went AWOL and marred the surface for a length of about an inch. It is barely visible. I doubt most would have issue with that if they paid $250 or less, but for full MSRP I guess Demeyere wasn't going to take chances. For all practical purposed it is in perfect condition.

Now I need to start cooking on it. I'll try and get some stovetop time with it later this week.
Mine has the same imperfection, but I have it on both sides. Mine is definitely visible, but doesn't impact the functionality at all.
I realise I'm reviving an old thread, but would anyone who picked one of these up like to share their experiences?

I just noticed that these are still available here in the UK (albeit at more or less full price).
Compared to our cast iron griddle, this mo' fo' heats up really fast! I burned the first couple of things I cooked on it. Did I mention it can get HOT???

Thanks, that sounds great.

Any complaints after a couple years of use?