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In case anyone was curious what a heavily etched eddworks looks like. Coffee + vinegar etch on one of my personal knives
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Any updates on where the knife is at or further impressions from anyone?
Gonna bump this again since it looks like it never showed up

@rgar4012 - looks like you had this knife last?
I shipped it out on 10/3 and it arrived with @kpham12 on 10/5. I would hope it's at least 1 more further along. I immediately left town for a while after I shipped it and am still getting settled back in, but I will have a small write-up on it completed this evening.
Sorry, I had the knife last, forgot to write my post.

First, big thanks to @eddworks for doing this passaround. I believe since the start of this passaround, his books have gotten a lot busier and with good reason.

In terms of performance, I think this knife hangs in there with knives up to twice the price. Thick spine out of the handle with great continuous taper to a very thin tip. Aside from the thick spine though, this thing is basically a laser grind. The thick spine and the thin grind make it feel like a light middleweight in actual use. Being the 9th person on the passaround, I thought by the time the knife got to me, it would be a little thick, but it was still nail flexing thin at the edge. Credit to great geometry as well as the participants before me doing minimal sharpening.

Putting a straightedge up to both sides of the knife, I saw excellent, even convexity down both sides of the knife, as close to 50/50 as a handmade knife can be (which is hard to do a lot of the times). In terms of thinness BTE, I think this knife is even slightly thinner BTE than something like a Myojin or at least on the same level. I don’t really have any k-tip gyutos, but this one works well, feels less fragile than a regular k tip because the “turn” where the tip starts is slightly curved as opposite to straight.

I tested on carrots, onions, celery, apples, sweet and regular potatoes and a bunch of other produce. Flies through soft vegetables and smooth through the carrots and sweet potatoes, no cracking, no wedging. If I could compare this to a more well known knife as a benchmark, I would say it’s like a taller, slightly heavier Yoshikane in cutting feel. Smooth profile, not too flat, does everything you ask of it. Great for slicing and tip draws too.

The 52100 has a nice balance of tooth and carbon keenness, easy to sharpen (in part thanks to how thin BTE it is). I would gauge edge retention as close to a good blue 2.

Some things I noticed that have already been mentioned by other participants: some stiction and edge wear. Because of the thin grind and relatively tall knife, there’s a lot of contact between the surface of the knife and the food being cut, meaning you can get some stiction that slows down the cut, especially through tall, wet things like apples and some carrots and potatoes. I think a little more meat in the midsection of the knife or a more asymmetric grind could help relieve this and improve food release some. There was also some slight edge rolling in the front third of the knife. This is mostly due to the very thin geometry and can be honed out in less than a minute and has very little effect on actual performance IMO.

Also, the handle and leather sheath are killer.

I’ve tried knives from most of the popular Japanese smiths and western makers like Shihan, Milan, The9, HF, Tansu and a couple more and I really think this Eddworks knife fits in with the best of them.
In case anyone was curious what a heavily etched eddworks looks like. Coffee + vinegar patina on of my personal knives

I am going to have to try that... looks awesome!

Thanks again to those reviewing, it's been great to hear everyone's thoughts. The input here combined with lots of conversations about customs has prompted several notable design changes that are now pretty standard for most of what I make (hopefully for the better!).

In mostly unrelated but exciting for me news, I went ahead and bought a power hammer (15kg Anyang for those that care) which I will be installing in my shop next week. This should help forge all these monsters you all seem to like so much :)
Due to the timing of the arrival of the knife, I only had about a week to play with it. I was pretty busy that week as I was prepping for some travel, so I didn't cook as much as usual. It's also been reviewed quite well here so I will allow this to be on the shorter side. But let us get on with heaping more praise on the pile.

It arrived with a great edge on it from Tyler, so much so that I'm casually looking for an aizu now. Seemed to have the perfect amount of tooth for tomatoes and peppers, which I use heavily. As I recall, the honesuki I picked up from Ed's etsy shop was a little finer but very sharp. Blade feels very nimble for its size. I usually avoid anything over a 240, but this felt like a 240 in hand. The height at the heel was also very nice. Great distal taper leaving it very comfortable to hold and use while also having a very thin tip. It handled everything I threw at it easily and never felt fragile which is an issue I've noticed with some thin BTE blades. I can't speak to the HT of the steel or edge retention outside of I had no need to touch it up before I shipped it out. F&F is very good... maybe a hair below a Kipp or Shihan, but those are more than double the price. You could in fact double the price on the passaround and it would still be a very good value. Handle is also very nice and well done.

The only quibble I have is a personal preference. On a knife this size I would have preferred a slightly larger handle.

The price is just ridiculous for what you are getting though. I've only had one other knife close in the price/performance range that compared and that would still end up being about $100 more after shipping from Germany. Everything else I would compare it to is in the roughly $600 range. If I had known about Eddie (and been a little more knowledgeable) when I was first looking for a good knife, I could have ordered a set and been done without starting my obsession collection and probably been out about the price of 1 "higher end" knife. It also completely confirmed my fear that I should have just gotten on his custom list when people first started talking about his work and not waited for my turn here in the pass-around.
Well, this is my first post here even though I’ve been visiting this forum for several years.

I read about this pass around, and was fortunate enough to be in a position to get a knife ordered early on. After a 4 or 5 week wait, I received my 8 inch knife from Eddie a while back. I am now waiting (for a long time due to his popularity) for my next knife from him, and I wish I had ordered a larger knife in addition earlier.

I wanted an 8 inch knife like he made with the k tip since I had nothing like that size knife. I can say that there was some magic when I started using it. The swept back finger rest made this almost feel like a tall petty. It is super nimble, and the grind makes a very versatile knife. The knife can handle delicate things like shallots, breezes through onions and all produce easily leaving glassy cuts (no cracking) in even thick carrots. I can cut through cabbage and sweet potatoes with confidence due to the heel being thick. The fit and finish are well done and the handle/knife fit me perfectly in a pinch grip. I like the way he knocked off the edges of the ferrule a lot.

Here are some pictures of the knife he sent after he shipped it to me.


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The knife is back with me now, and it's in great shape still thanks to the care you all took. I love the patina that built up, mine tend to be more gray than anything else but there's a whole mix of fun colors and shapes on here. I notice the tip was much more heavily used than the heel which is interesting (I'm not a chopping pro and especially on longer blades I use a lot of heel).

For the time being I think I'll hang on to this knife, sort of as a reference, but I might put it up for sale sometime. We shall see.

Anyway thanks again for all who participated and gave feedback. I might have to do another one sometime with a different blade/steel/handle :)