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Dec 4, 2021
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I was wondering what people are using as Edge protection for Debas, I have a bunch of debas but no Sayas or edge guards for them.

Edge guards practically none would work, unless someone knows of any that can work. (Shi Han may make ones that work though)

Wooden Sayas do in general work, but its hard to fin any that would decently snug fit all the different sized and thickness debas I want, that aren't all custom, as many of the debas I have are not worth much at all.

I looked into juts making my own sayas with wood but it seems I might need to get a load of machines which i don't want to get or have the space to keep.

There are also the half height wooden sayas that work with string from ibuki, however the ones they sell are only for thin knives and not debas (unless someone is willing to make me a bunch.

I thought about 3d printing/resin a saya, however I don't know how to CAD/design it.
Could just slit a length of hose and slip over the edge

Or co custom with cardboard and duct tape
Mostly I keep my debas in the boxes, and the ones that don't have boxes I just use cardboard sayas.