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Mar 1, 2011
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gear wise i could film this (i have a Nikon D90 and a bunch of lenses), but i don't have anybody to help film at 2:30 AM, so there we are. you'll recognize the first parts from our friend Salty: take a reasonable roma tomato and slice it lengthwise. do a rapid cut length wise. turn it the other way and do a rapid cut width wise. you should have a nice even dice. now, turn the whole shebang 45 degrees, and do a rapid cut again at an angle to the dice. i was able to do another dice until i hit a soft spot towards the side, at which point it smooched, about a quarter inch from finishing. this is a knife that dices hair, cut tomato with gravity, and does the Colin paper cut (yoshikane kitaeji v2). i think this is a pretty good test. :)
no idea how many knives of members here can do this, my point is simply that i think i've found the sharp enough point. :)
you'll just have to trust me. :) might have been luck, i only did it once. i'm more than happy to admit that many of my cutting feats are luck. i can push cut toilet paper, but only if i hit it right. the perforated sides are definitely problematic. same with the NYT, as the paper is so crappy that it bends if your angle is off just a little bit. the campmor catalog is my bane, because it has an uneven enough grain that, no matter how sharp the knife is (so far, at least!), if you hit it the wrong part, even if your angle is perfect, it will bend instead of cut. that's my ultimate, and i've quit caring.
i have to admit that i was also a bit drunk, both during sharpening and cutting, so my usual hand shake (due to a medication i take) wasn't in the picture, as much as usual. :)
going back and looking at my board, i sliced a little bit during the second and third portions, so that probably invalidates the results.
damn, i came home for lunch and tried this out again, and i only get a couple cuts after the 45 degree angle turn before the tomatoes smooshed. i guess having enough beers to make sharpening until 2:30 AM seem like a reasonable idea is the secret. i still think i'm at the "sharp enough" stage. :)
This is pretty funny stuff... I'm rather entertained at your ability to keep a thread going by yourself :D

I'd like to try to tomato test, but I almost never cook with tomatoes.
gear wise i could film this (i have a Nikon D90 and a bunch of lenses), but i don't have anybody to help film at 2:30 AM...

Dude, tripod!
Or, at the very least, prop the camera up on something like an upside-down pot and set it on the counter next to your board. Where's the 3am drunken creativity?
i would have, and i have a tripod, but the D90 doesn't autofocus on video.