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SOLD [EUR] Set of stones (SP220, NP400,800,3000)

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Feb 28, 2021
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The Netherlands
Hi all,

Since having duplicates of these stones, I'm letting these ones go.
Would like to sell as a set. If there is lack of interest, I'll split them up.

I don't think these stones need an introduction. Full set of quality stones.

SP220: 210x70x15 mm, used couple of times, like new.
NP400: 210x70x19 mm (new 20mm)
NP800: 210x70x19 mm (new 20mm)
NP3000: 210x70x19 mm (new 20mm)

The NP's have only lost 1mm, so set is like new. All stones come with original packaging.
Added bonus, the SP box is also a stone holder and the NP's will fit also.

Would like to sell within EU (UK and Swiss are no problem), international please PM.

Price: €200 SPF and I'll cover half of the shipping (within the EU ~€20-€30)


Thanks for looking!
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