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Withdrawn [EUR] Yoshikane Gyuto 210 White #2

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Apr 22, 2021
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Stainless clad nashiji finish, core steel white #2 (HRC 62)
215 x 45 mm
handle 139 mm, wenge with buffalo horn ferrule
total length 365 mm
181 grams
The spine is tapering down from 4,2 mm at the heel to 2,5 mm in the middle to 1,5 mm at 1 cm from the tip.
Originally bought here
Asking € 200 shipping included in EU (for other destinations let's talk)
This is what I guess is considered a workpony: a knife with some weight, a relatively thick spine, but still thin behind the edge. I believe the SKD version tends to be more popular but I really like this steel: easy to sharpen, very sharp and still though (even cut crusty bread without issues), takes a patina quickly so no rust issues. (Edge retention has never been important to me as a home cook.) Bought this knife about a year ago and did a couple of touch-ups but no heavy sharpening. I removed some scratches from the bevel using fine sandpaper and polish, I am happy with the result but the bevels don't have the mirror polish the new knife comes with.
I always liked this knife but a very special Mazaki in the same size has come in, so I decided this one has to go...
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