Flank Steak Burger - lean, meaty, and filling - but not ideal

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Nov 30, 2023
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My all time favorite steak cut is flank steak, with hanger being a close second. Always been curious how flank would translate into a burger, so today I ground up some flank steak to 4.5mm (coarse-ish), made up a 6oz patty, and grilled it over propane.

I was concerned that it was going to be way too lean, tough, and dense, but it actually turned out pretty good.

It was definitely lean, but flavorful, not at all dense or tough. Charcoal would have improved the taste, for sure. I'm not sure it was my favorite meat for burgers, and maybe some chuck mixed in might have been a nice addition, but I'll try that another time.

Next on the list is a burger from pure brisket. I expect this to be moister, given the fat cap on brisket.
Chuck/Brisket/Short rib in equal thirds is my go-to. Now I'm experimenting with other things I've always wondered about.