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SOLD Francisco Vaz Magnacut Gyuto 215x48mm

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Sep 7, 2023
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United States

This is essentially brand new as I only used it to cut carrots and potatoes. Otherwise, still with the original finish and edge. Long story short, Francisco is working on a separate custom order that has gone through some unforeseen delays so he offered this knife up to me at a discount. I couldn't resist as I've never had the please of cutting with Magnacut before.

Although it is lovely, I've just grown so accustomed to much taller blades that this one feels akward for me... In any case, I'm happy to pass along the savings and report this is an absolutely amazing knife to cut with. I definitely see the Magnacut hype. The handle is also beautiful!

Blade Dimensions: 215x48mm
Blade Material: CPM Magnacut
Handle Material: Ebony, Acrylic with 24k Gold Flakes and Carbon Micarta
Weight: 176g

Leather Case included

Purchased for $450, asking for $425. I'll cover shipping.
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Feedback for anyone considering a purchase via @ChefSeb

He was a pleasure to work with, shipped the knife out quickly and the knife was as represented.

Feedback for anyone considering a Francisco Vaz knife:

Initial impressions: This is my first experience with Francisco's work. The knife has a fantastic grind and is beautiful. It is a smooooth cutting knife. I just did a quick comparison test of the Francisco Vaz gyuto with my Shibata Koutetsu and Yoshikane SKD Nashiji k-tip gyutos on some potatoes, carrots, and apples.

Francisco's blade is smoother, and has better food release than either of my previous favorite knives. I've purchased several blades over the years, but the Shibata/Yoshikane remained my favorite/most reached for knives. My quick impression after this test is that Francisco's knife is now my new favorite. It is nimble and 'fall-through product' smooth like a laser, but with better food release.

I also have a custom order in with Francisco for several other knives, and now I'm even more excited to see what he does with those. I had placed an order based on feedback I've seen from others on KKF and other forums.

Overall thoughts (TLDR) - I'm not sure how Francisco has been flying under the radar, but I think you'll really enjoy his work if you decide to take the plunge.

Side Note:

KKF - we need to talk. You're a bad influence. I've only been on the forum for a few days and I've already spent a bunch of money. 😜