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Feb 28, 2011
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I'm interested in doing fruit bowls made out of watermelon, honey dew, and pineapples. The few videos I've seen, the person is using a very thin bladed serrated knife with a curve. Maybe a stamped steel tomato knife?

Being a member of this forum I can't help but wonder if there is a better knife for the job?

i used to be friendly with some expert fruit carvers.....most of them used basically very thin ground down paring type knives....or had home made type looking tools......there isn't much out there if u ask me for carving......ryan
The "Taste of Thai" people have a bunch of stuff regarding decorative fruit and veg cutting. Books, tools and videos.
I have one from JBPRINCE but most guys use the cheap kiwis knife so $1.50 or $40.00

The ones you're most likely to see are made by Kiwi, labelled as KOM-KOM.
I've seen a few at the Asian Grocer. They seem to be VERY thin and sharp! The handles range from plastic à la forschner, and a mystery hardwood that reminds me of the steak knives most of us grew up with.
For $2 I'm sure you can't go wrong.
A few people I know do fruit carving and I think they just bought a set of different knives on such, forget who sells them but I've seen a lot of people use knives that are mentioned or take one and thin the hell out a cheap paring knife. If you are in search of a full on set, could search Amazon or a few other places.
Lots of Kiwi Brand knives at work. Funny thing is, when the edge, even the fake-hollow-ground bevel, gets stressed, it cracks into splinters. Cheap, but disposable.