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Mar 3, 2011
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I'd had a couple of petty knives from this line that I have very much loved over the years. On a whim I purchased a 270mm Gyuto from the same line a while ago. Colour me happy! It has become my go - to knife. For $81- plus $7 shipping per order from Koki you can't go wrong.

carbon steel lovers unite!

--edit fit and finish were both good too
My daily beater knife is a 210mm FKH, which I'm using to learn how to sharpen. I think that this knife represents incredible value.
They are some amazing knives for the price...I had 2 FKH and 2 FKM, and all of them had perfect fit/finish and some of the best profiles.

Only thing I didn't like is the SK4 carbon still gave off an odor even after patina was set in pretty good. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I really wish Fujiwara made a new line of semi-stainless steel knives....I would be all over those.

I noticed a similar odor with mine but not strong enough to get rid of it. I agree with you and wish they made a new line with the same profile, better carbon steel, and wa handles. That would be an instant buy for me. How's the new cutting board working out?
What's up Pete,

I'll admit I probably didn't give the FKHs enough time with the baking powder, but I really bought them to try out with the intentions of passing them on to someone looking to try carbon for the first time.

The Boardsmith is still amazing, I'm loving it. Just put another mineral oil and board butter coat on last night, and just love how water beads up. Definitely going to have David make an island with cutting board table top when I move into my first home.