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Mar 6, 2011
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Hi Dave....and everybody else
I had no idea - go figure.

So the good news is I now have this place I can check in to while at work (they have some kind of filter that blocks most things that say 'knives') The bad news is I now have a website to troll when I should be working. And I guess the really good news is maybe I can skip visiting that other website - the one that doesn't have knife in the name....

Since most of you don't know me...I'm a home cook, husband, dad, stockbroker, knifeknut....and brother in Christ. Right now, with 3 kids in private school, and an 'unplanned' job change on Dec. 21st of '09 (I was jettisoned from the deathstar), lack of funds has cured my OCD.

Nice to see the familiar names, now lets get 'er done....
Welcome! Consider yourself lucky too. I heard some young punks blew up the Deathstar right after you left.