Greetings from Utah's 'Dixie' (St George)

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Mar 2, 2011
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Hello Dave and all !
Much to enjoy here in 'color country' .... Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, .... lots of hiking, photography .... BBQ ... ... resulting in many hot and cold streaks with a bunch of Japanese cutlery and stones. Been on BBQ Brethren, Pelletheads, Fred's Cutlery forums, even DPReview now and then.
Way too long since last sharpening binge and will likely be seeking help before long :rolleyes:
I'm a segmented/sectional sharpening fud after several unsuccessful sweeping attempts with long blades and scary mistakes.:eek:
Looking forward to watching the forum develop and which directions it flows! Dave has been of much help in the past and that is why there was no hesitation to sign up.

Good to be here !
Tom B
Nice to see you. I lived down there for several years. If you love the outdoors its a truly stunning place to go... as long as you don't mind there being no trees ;)
Yup !! Would love to Q on a 'stick burner' but nuttin' (but pine) to burn !! :mad: