Has anyone any experience with this vendor?

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Sep 25, 2021
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I've grabbed my first Jnat not so long ago and I am thinking of acquiring a second one in the near future. I am from EU and expect JNS I am not aware of any other trusted vendor that sells naturals. A fellow Redditor recommended this one some time ago. As it seems from the site, they don't grade individually each stone, but provide some general information, for example they describe Hideriyamas as medium hard. These kind of generalisation makes me think that the purchase is even more of a gamble. I've already sent them an email but unfortunately no answer yet. They got a decent stock of stones, but the information provided isn't sufficient I guess.

Does anyone have any experience with the particular vendor? Would the gamble be worth or should I just wait for JNS to bring something interesting at around my budget? This might be a bit vague and depending on personal opinions, but I would like to hear your thoughts.

JMS is well respected in the German scene. They have a good sortiment and Mr Horie is knowledgable. They are also usually helpful and you can call them and ask them. No idea about their Jnats since I'm not really much into that. Their 1k/4k combo stone is one of the most recommended beginner stones because it's quite good and not expensive.
Best to shoot them another message but if you want something specific Maxim might be better equipped.
I've already sent them an email but unfortunately no answer yet.
This is known, they only answer mails with a full address. And lost mails have been reported before. No idea why this happens, maybe language? I only called them once.

I'ld try to register, to become a customer.