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May 18, 2022
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Figured I might as well stop the lurking and join properly. Bought some nice "entry" knives from JCK some 10 years ago and was perfectly happy with them until I started hanging out here and a new world of costly knives revealed themselves. Custom knives from western makers really speak to me, and I have three knives from danish and swedish makers, one in the mail and I'm awaiting 3 more during this year. I guess recognizing you have a problem is the first step to recovery:)
This is my current setup from when I started upgrading my knife collection (6 months ago). Started with the japanese knives but I'm currently solely going after european customs. I just like the concept of the knives being sourced and produced somewhat locally.

From left to right:
- Anryu Aogami #2 petty 150 mm - very nimble and sturdy - love it.
-Shiro Kamo Black Dragon Nakiri 158 mm - very thin and nice grind - but a lot of sticking.
-Bunka from Asoberra - aprox 165 mm. A danish maker who did this as a somewhat test knife. Stainless steel - 64-65 HRC and very thin grind.
- Fredrik Spåre MCX 230 mm K-tip gyuto - sturdy at the heel, very fine tip and just a joy. My first custom and love at first sight.
- AG Klint 220 mm guyto - very pronounced S-grind and bog oak handle. Wanted to try S-grinds for a while and this one sure delivers. Very little sticking and super fine edge.
- Yu Kurosaki 240 mm senko gyoto - My first "laser" and such an upgrade from what I've tried before. Surely has helped fuel my addiction for the sharpness:)

I have this one from Isasmedjan on the way and in the books at Fredrik Spåre (for another one), Merion Forge and Lönsted Knives


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