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May 9, 2011
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Hey y’all. I’m a home cook but was an active ITK member back in the before times. I picked up a Devin ITK way back then and thought it was my end game, which I suppose it was for a decade but the bug caught me again recently so here I am.

The one knife I’ve purchased recently was a Mizuno Suminagashi. I know, ridiculous knife, but I’m a Wisconsin boy and was always a Salty fan so when he spoke about it being the one knife he’d never sell, I listened.

On arrival, I gingerly asked my wife not to use this one. We have plenty of other sharp knives and she has a bad habit of not respecting carbon. I walk out of my office tonight to see the Sum sitting out, freshly washed, but still, this isn’t Vietnam Donnie, there are rules.

After insisting to her that YES, this is the one knife I asked her not to use, I thought we had put the issue to rest. Fast forward 5 minutes later and she’s chopping fresh chives from the back yard with a MERCER BREAD KNIFE.

Is she an evil genius or just an oblivious grabber-of-whatever-knife-is-most-handy? I may never know. And I didn’t say **** because I love my wife and I’d already spent all my knife judging points for the evening.

Anyways it’s great to be back y’all. Cheers
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I'm guessing this means the Mercer might not have make it alive... as in, still usable if it ever or still was.
Where about in the frozen tundra are you located? I'm in the MKE area.
@daveb haha! I’m proud to say it’s finally wearing some battle (sharpening) scars after losing the touch and coming back to sharpening it, but it’s just as perfect a knife as it ever was. I’ve seen what they go for these days and am very grateful to have been in the community at the right time to score that one. I think it was ~350 on release? I even got in on the prototype pass around and made a YouTube video at the time. Knife skills were pretty cringy back then but I was all smiles:

@HansCaravan hey WI brother, originally from the near north suburbs of MKE but have been in Madison since ~2004. Still love to head back to the motherland.
Although now that I watch that video again the food release on that second half of the onion was perfect … like the slice I cut off clean wanted to go back home :)