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Aug 13, 2022
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Hello folks,

New user saying hello. from NC. I've been a lurker for a while and have learned much from everything here and I hope to be able to contribute as well.

My sharpening experience is not extensive but also not non-existent. I took a quick shot at freehand sharpening a while back and ran into all of the common/expected frustrations but did get to the point of raising my first burr. I moved on to a KME sharpening system and while I really like it, get great results, and have learned much about sharpening I find it limiting and less that ideal with larger knives so back to freehand I go. And honestly, I just want to do freehand sharpening so I'm digging in next week. In addition to sharpening I also love the challenge of repairs and restoration and have bought a few "project knives" :)

As far as knives go, I don't have any Japanese knives at this point but I'm intrigued and see one in my future as soon as I master the ability to get/keep it sharp. One rabbit hole at a time :)

I used a KME for a good while. It helped I guess you would say, reset my sharpening. That is to say I'd been doing it not very well for many years. But, as you're discovering, they are limited, cumbersome, and less than ideal for longer knives.

Guided systems are good for inspiring confidence and allowing you to study and understand some fundamentals. But, you can do freehand. It just takes some practice and repetition. The folks here are always willing to help out too!