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Feb 27, 2024
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Knoxville, TN
Hey there! Long time kitchen knife maker here! Some of you may have seen my work at Phillips Forged, this is my 1 of a kind custom line, where I create functional pieces of art....I started making knives in my back yard about a decade ago after many years in the custom furniture and custom blacksmithing/fabrication world....I've built most of my own machinery from hydraulic presses to rolling mills and forges to produce my own damascus steel.......Since then my work has been used by amazing chefs and celebrities from around the world, I'm a "Forged in Fire Champion" (season 6 episode 20). In 2021 I began scaling my operations and expanding my vision to create a more accessible line. I moved things out of the garage and into a 3500 sqft commercial space, where I launched my small batch kitchen knife brand PRIMEAUX. We're a small team of 3 producing less than 1,000 pieces a year in our small east Tennessee town of Knoxville. Please feel free to hit me up with any questions, I'm here to be part of this awesome community of knife lovers!
Hey, welcome! Pass by Knoxville all the time.
Thanks! Feel free to hit me up anytime you're passing through, happy to give you a tour and show off some blades....PRIMEAUX, my knife studio, is right down town off the interstate, we don't have a show room or anything, but lots of cool stuff to look at

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