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Mar 15, 2011
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Hi all, again,

I never posted much at that other place, and I've been lurking here too since it opened. Finally decided to register. Still learning a lot. Still love to keep my knives too sharp for my wife. Still have a long wish list. Still making very slow progress on getting my wish list filled.
Welcome aboard!

Whats on your wish list?
Welcome aboard!

Whats on your wish list?

First, i wish I could figure out how to work this board. I still can't figure out how to reply to a private message.

Here's the wish list (in no particular order):

Usaba of some sort as a first single bevel to play with
Shigefusa Kitaegji Yanagiba
Artisugu Type A 240mm Wa Gyuto
Watanabe Pro Honyaki Blue 240mm Gyuto
Monzaburo Watermelon Knife
CCK 1103
Nenox Suji or other good looking stainless slicer for cutting turkey or roasts at the table
Takeda Large Cleaver
Shun Paring Knife - (next to buy I think)
Tojiro Honsuki
Kanetsune Santoku
Nenohi Ao-ko Highest Kasumi Kiritsuke

King 800
Suhiro 5000
Green Brick (although I really like my natural Aoto)
A magic nice coarse stone

Boardsmith board

The wife objects less to the stones than the knives, as a result I've got way more in stone than steel. I can get our collection of re-bar sharper than the wife likes; she won't touch my 2 J-knives and won't let my 3 year old anywhere near me when I'm using them.
Damn. 2 posts and you have a pm already? I was here day one and have yet to receive a pm.....

Welcome aboard :)
I PM'd Dave when I first logged in because I was having trouble posting. Then I realized I didn't wait to check my mail for the confirmation link. After that, I couldn't figure out how I sent a PM, or how to reply to one (Dave had replied to me). I'm still not sure how I sent the PM the first time.