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Withdrawn Help Matt fund a Bidinger sale..PLease...

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Feb 13, 2020
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Long story short Dan Bidinger reached out to me yesterday and said I was up for a custom knife. It was so long ago that we chatted I completely forgot about it. I dont have the funds but I couldnt turn down a Bidinger. I am throwing these 2 up at great pricing to help fund this quickly. I'll post more pics below and please reach out with any questions. Both shipped free conus.

Fillipi Integral wrought iron clad 52100 with stone polished bevels and saya $300.00
purchased here: SOLD - Fellipi Integral
fantastic performer with hardly any use. I didnt want to use it too much until I got better at polishing so it looks like it did when I received it
L: 215mm (I know Fellipi's note says 211mm, but I think he may just need a new ruler...)
H: 53mm
W: 274

Lew Griffin random damascus beast of a knife. $425.

SOLD passing on a ridiculous deal I got from Dan E but worth much more
This one hurts, I love this knife. Its huge but cuts so well and a stunner. Best S-grind I have used and will own another. at 271 not for the faint of heart but as you can see lighter than the Fillipi and really handles well
purchase here
https://www.kitchenknifeforums.com/threads/a-bunch-of-knives.65614/271 x 55 mm

246 g

Bog Oak handle


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