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SOLD HHH 240mm AEB-L - Price Reduction

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Feb 28, 2011
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San Diego
Trying to clear out a drawer a knife or two at a time. This is a 240x47 AEB-L by HHH. Weighs in at 182g. Should be unused and never sharpened/stropped. I bought it and tucked it away a few years ago.

Looking for $300 $275 shipped CONUS
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I'd love to snag this, but alas some kid turned into me head on and I spent the weekend in the hospital, well two hospitals. That on top of a broken back and I've about had it.
Wow, so sorry this happened to you.
Thank you both. These are very good knives, especially since you don't need to baby them. I still have custom from him that is very close to this knife. I don't foresee myself parting with, especially as most of my others are carbon anymore.