hi from a super green new guy

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Mar 3, 2011
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got my first real knife from Dave and i use it everyday im glad to be here and looking forward to all the knowledge everyone can share, as i am very new to high performance kitchen knives.
Hi Juan,

Everybody is green at sometime at something, BUT please tell us what knife you received from Dave.
i believe and dont quote me on spelling, Dave can help me out lol but its Yoshikane Gyuto Knife 210mm. i love my knife going from a Wolfgang puck set from sams club that i got as a wedding gift to this is a night and day difference, im not a cook i work for the railroad track maintenance as a matter of fact but i love food ( i think everyone here does) but i go back to smelling my moms sofrito (im dominican by the way) when she cooks and how good the food made me feel and i try to share that with others if i can. i love going to restaurants and trying new things ive even taken a trip to NYC to try out some molecular gastronomy at WD50. i had the pleasure of living next door to Dave for a few years and i see how passionate he is about knives and the pride and workmanship that he puts into everything that he touches so that brings me he if i can be part of what im sure will be a amazing forum full of good people and great info im a fool not to participate.