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Michael Rader

Apr 13, 2011
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Hi guys. I was invited here by Stephan Fowler, so blame him :)

I live near Seattle in Washington State. Earned my Mastersmith rating in 2010 and have been making knives and swords since around 1992 or so.


This one has damascus made by David Lisch and some engraving by Tom Ferry.




This one is 52100 with Goddards famous "mustard finish" pre-patina treatment.


So, that's just a few of my old ones. I sell most of my kitchen knives through Blade Gallery/ http://www.epicedge.com and I also take a few custom orders. I'm not going to Blade this year, but plan to go back in 2012.

Please feel free to ask any questions and visit my website: http://www.raderblade.com if you are bored. Thanks and I'm going to have to poke around here a little more....
Welcome aboard Michael.

Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship.

Good to see you posting here. You should get Dave to make a subforum for you as he's done for Stephan and other knifemakers.

Always a pleasure to see pics of your work. I recognize the gyuto that Saltydog had, and sold on eBay (damascus with the bluish background).

Congratulations on your engagement. Best wishes to both of you.

Again, glad you're here.


You make some truly spectacular handles! and some really nice knives.
Dave should make you a subforum in the vendors section :)
Hey Michael!

Good to see you around. Can not wait to hear some of your input and see more of your work. Just saw your new website...looks great!
Welcome to KKF Michael. You're pretty well known here already and you'd be welcome to a sub-forum if you like. Just shoot me an email or PM for the details if you're interested.

Thanks guys. I'll think about a sub-forum. Just checked out my friend, Bill Burke's forum, and it's pretty cool. How about if I get the lay-of-the-land here for a bit. I appreciate the warm reception... kinda new to the whole forum world (only been playing on Blade Forums for a couple months.) So far, so good. It's great to be in touch with everyone.

Welcome and please feel free to share how you make your Western handles. :) Those are the most structurally complex handles I have seen.
Thanks again, guys. And, I can definitely talk about my handles a bit. I don't really have any WIP pics for you at this time, but I'll work up something one of these days.
I don't get into the welcome forum enough but I'm glad to see you here.

I've always admired your style.