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SOLD Hirotomo 210mm old stock Sanjo WH from JNS - $140

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Jan 9, 2019
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Bend, OR
Hey folks, just letting this not crazy expensive but quite functional WH go. $140 CONUS, $175 Int'l. I think it's about $211 and sold out on JNS. I upgraded the handle but did a mediocre job and accidentally chipped a little of the horn off. It's still a nice upgrade, but so it goes. Unsharpened, the little patina on it can be removed.

268 grams with the new handle, 211mmx49mm

IMG-8450.jpg IMG-8451.jpg IMG-8452.jpg IMG-8453.jpg IMG-8454.jpg IMG-8455.jpg IMG-8456.jpg IMG-8457.jpg IMG-8458.jpg IMG-8459.jpg