How is your Wok doing?

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Feb 1, 2013
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Mine is the CraftWok. It’s been pretty good despite the fact that it pretty much refuses to turn jet-black like my other wok.
it’s a good wok tho. My go-to wok for sure, mainly for the big helper handle.

Mine's a pretty basic Imusa carbon steel wok, but its seasoning is pretty great after 2 years of cooking with it. Eggs pretty much slide around perfectly now.

I have no clue what brand mine is, I bought it in a Chinese grocery shop asking them which one to's gone blacker than black in like 4 years of crazy stir frying Sichuan food and stickiness is only an issue when I have too high heat to reduce sauces containing some sugar.
I have a Made-in which is likely a little more expensive than what I need but it is jet black and very non-stick if heated correctly. I find I use it more and more which contributes to the non-stick. It is a little on the heavy side but that's not a bad thing since it is very unlikely to warp even on high heat.