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GoogleFu San
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Feb 28, 2011
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I am new to posting images from image shack .
can i get a little help on linking
testing, Watanabe 270 and carter 7.5 sun handles by Stefan.

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My turn...


Hiromoto 30cm sujihiki - desert ironwood.
Nice pics, steeley, but we're going to have to do something about that tea.
That Hiromoto looks great in deser ironwood. Is there anyone who doesn't love Hiromoto?
I did not think i have to learn new things on my computer box machine
coming to Dave's place , :rolleyes:
and i do need some new tea.
Here is the honesuki that I'm working on...........

ittosai with custom handle and carter

That is a early viking cap for a 1931 chevy.

I love old or vintage things here is a 1903 henckel i re worked .
What fun! I do that with old woodworking tools........

couple CCK cleavers front one is 1303 and Nenox 240 , Gf global wild fire thai cleaver.
handle fun, this is one i did awhile ago but hey post a pic.