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SOLD Hyde, Shihan, Milan

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Jun 8, 2021
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Shreveport LA
Some real nice stuff here that I am most definitely going to regret letting go. All knives with minimal use and in fantastic condition. Prices include fees and shipping in the US. International lets talk in the DMs.

Henry Hyde: 225 x 55 , Asking $400

1084 monosteel, comfy workhorse grind. Walnut and antler handle. Fantastic balance, grind and handle. I snatched this one up from Crocker and used it once. I love it and there’s nothing wrong with it, I just have some steep competition in the 225 range.

Shihan 230 x 55 , Asking $600

A2 monosteel with a custom ironwood and ebony handle. Shihan regular WH grind. Got as a custom straight from the man himself and used once. Pictures don’t do this one justice, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Without sounding too much like a used car salesman, I think it might be one of the nicest examples of Shihan monosteel I’ve seen.

Milan 245 x 54 , Asking $650

San mai soft steel and C130 with tapered old oak handle. Slight S grind. I acquired this one recently from a fellow forum member. He used it a few times and took excellent care of it. He also sharpened it once and did an insanely nice job. Once I got it I cleaned up the bevels with some Tormec paste but have not used it. Also includes a nice matching saya. I’m really sad to see this one go but its just too similar of a build to another one I plan on keeping.

Thanks for looking!