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Ichimonji 330mm Honyaki Yanagi

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Mar 8, 2011
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Ichimonji Honyaki 330mm Aoko yanagi

I don't read Japanese, but using the translator and looking at Ichimonji web site I think it's
THIS one, it's the only one with aogami steel and mirror polish, the other yanagis they have are white steel. At an exchange rate of 77 yen to the dollar, 107,100 yen comes out to a whopping $1,390.70 for a new one!




Saya is included, cream buffalo horn ferrule, octagon handle. Knife is used, still in excellent condition. Above the shinogi has what they call "mirror polish" although not a true mirror, it is almost a mirror polish. The blade road has been polished by me with Ohira and uchigumori natural stones. It is fully sharpened and ready to use. Asking $550 shipped, please add 3% if using PayPal. Willing to consider trades for a knife of similar value, if necessary.

Pls send PM if interested, thanks.