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SOLD Iron clad carbon core 165mm Nakiri

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Aug 29, 2018
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154g weight
160mm edge

Height at:
53mm heel
56mm middle, tallest point
48mm tip

Blade spine at:
Handle 4.83mm
Thickest part of neck 5.25mm
Heel 4.5mm
Middle 1.8mm
1 cm behind tip 1.9mm

Metal ferrule, forge marks on choil underside. Handle has lacquer on it, tang sealed with wax. Was this way when I bought it. I only sharpened it. It's a kurouchi knife that the person bought it from refinished. Steel is really quite solid, and a nice balance of sharpness and toughness and retention and sharpenability. It does refine readily in jnats and grabs hair. Can't tell if blue or white since it resembles both steel stereotypes. Slight hollow ground wide bevel with distinct shoulders, since the blade face is also slightly hollow ground. A good grind honestly, though the bevel angle is on the obtuse side. However it cuts well enough that I have no qualms and I like it quite a bit. Grind is pretty darn symmetrical, with slightly more shoulder at right side tip, and left side midway on the blade. The heel right side is asymmetrical bias toward right, but that's not present in the rest of the blades, which is symmetrical like I had said. Food release should be pretty fun, since the blade face is hollowed in distal taper too, so it forms not just a cylindrical hollow, but a kind of rectangular or oval shaped hollow.

@Miguelito's Blade
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