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Feb 28, 2011
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I love knives, and I love my kitchen knives and a select few I use outside the kitchen to open boxes cut tape and stuff, sometimes i stab things with my gyutos... not people of course. They can be so much more than just kitchen knives :)
Yup, I have an FDick poly handled slicer that is great for box tops.
This is where I differ a little bit being the knife nut I am I also own about a dozen pocket and fixed blades :) so no need to bust out the gyutos on them, always have a knife handy.
Acutally, I just went out and got a 12 inch Lasting Cut scalloped/serrated slicer and a 9 inch serrated utility just for beat around purposes. Can't beat it for 8 per at Restaurant Depot. I was there to pick up my Friday sushi ahi tuna.

BTW, Restaurant Depot is the bomb. I work about 3 miles from that place. For a home cook with and a person that has a business license, it is like the candy store, especially for seafood. The turnover is fast there.
C'mon, why use a cheap beater when you could get an expensive ZDP-189 Spyderco serrated edge for the same job?