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WTS Japanese natural stones for sell : Mikawa nagura, Atagoyama and Nakayama

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Sep 17, 2020
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hi !
I found some time today to sort and pictures some stones I want to sell.

Mikawa Nagura
Price : 350 euros, shipping out SOLD
A quite typical Mikawa nagura, probably Botan layer, so about 4k grit. The stone is mid hard/hard but feeling is not glassy, more chalky. It will like to be soaked for 5 minutes before use. It can work in different ways so it's very useful : with some 400 grit diamond plate slurry it will make a strong contrast kasumi, with clean stone and lot of water it will burnish the iron and give a bright finish showing details in the iron. As a Sharpening stones, those stones work great, perfect range for kitchen knives in my opinion. The bottom is not perfectly flat and will like a stone holder. More pictures in DM

2871 gr
Price : 400 euros 380 euros 360 euros, shipping out
A finisher. A stone that work with me for a long time. I love the finish that stone give. The stone is not really fast and is not meant to grind the knife but really to polish it. It will give a bright kasumi with beautiful details in the iron, and working more and more on the hard steel it can show the banding. It's much finer than a Maruoyama shiro suita for exemple. Stone is smooth but not as easy to use as some other stones I got now, it can grab iron if you push too hard. This stone need gentle work on it but once you learned how to use it, it can really give back.
Two little cracks on the stone. It's not moving and or making any trouble for 3 years but I prefer to mention it : one on the top and one on the bottom, like if a piece could separate but for now as I said never been an issue. The stone is sealed with varnish. More pictures in DM


Price : 650 euros 630 euros 600 euros, shipping out
A finisher that can make a great bright kasumi. A beautiful color for this stone. I bought that stone to toishigram about 2 years ago (original post, with lovely picture : . It can give a finish a bit like the atagoyama but it is even finer and a more easy to use. Stone is faster too and you'll have slurry more quickly. It would still need a gentle work on it and grab iron if you put lot of pressure. Finish is a kasumi but great brightness and contrast. The spots on the stones are maybe be su, you can feel them if you really try to feel them when you sharpen but they are not scratching at all and not doing anything bad on the polish.
Will come with a kiribox normally (I need to find it😅). I think the stone is sealed (will check), but not by me.

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And little price drop !
Atagoyama 380 euros
Nakayama 630 euros.

Atagoyama is really not like most of those you can find in the shops, not a coarse soft stone at all, it is LV3.5/LV4 and is very fine. Huge stone that give long life and good stability on the bench.
Nakayama is great fast stone, not too hard, LV4, capable of very fine semi miror finish.

Have a good day
And last price drop for those stones :
Atagoyama 360 euros
Nakayama 600 euros
Prices are shipping out.

Be welcome if you have any question about the stones here or in private messages.

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