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Traded Jin 270mm Yanagiba

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Jun 6, 2019
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East Bay, CA
Workhorse yanagi. Or mioroshi deba.

Got off Japan auctions. Has rust, slight chips, handle has cracks, normal flaws from a used and stored item but fully functional.

Cool knife for a polishing project but too heavy for me. I did put it on stones. Bevels are not even.

$350 shipped CONUS

L: 267mm
H: 41mm
Spine: 6.7mm - 3.9mm
W: 358g
These are super rare by the way, I've only seen the two sets of Japanese auctions in the 2-3 years I've been looking. And the price is reasonable if you don't want to be checking the auctions everyday. . . Or to by the JKI version, which itself is still deserved for the work they do, and knowledge, being a business and all.